It was all a dream...

Krista joined the industry shortly after completing her graduate program in Event Design at Seneca College and a degree in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Throughout previous jobs her love of marketing was cultivated while she worked towards furthering her skills in a entrepreneurial capacity. By exploring the experience of place via the built environment of event venues, she won first place with a design competition piece that advocated for radically embracing the use of paradoxical materials– engaging imagination, and meaningful connection.

Krista’s professional marketing industry experience has leant itself to her passion for branding & webdesign and allowed her to pursue new opportunities in that arena. Krista has had the opportunity to grow and learn from some of the best as she worked alongside successful industry professionals that she highly respects and admires.

Now having decided to broaden her horizons by becoming a marketing consultant, Krista leverages her client management and design expertise to provide elevated approaches - actualizing campaigns and brands of the highest value and quality. Her understanding of effective online social media presence, brand management and current style trends combines with a passion to anticipate the client's needs, ultimately providing a unique experience and effective strategy.